Comprehensive Accounting Services for Societies and Maintenance Billing

At Clear-Line Society Accounting Services, we offer a comprehensive range of accounting services tailored to meet the specific requirements of cooperative housing societies and apartment complexes. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring the financial well-being of your society. Our services include:
1. Accounting Services:
From basic bookkeeping to complex financial analysis, we provide a wide range of accounting services to accurately track and manage your society’s finances. Our team of professionals ensures that all financial transactions are recorded and maintained with the utmost accuracy and attention to detail.
2. Maintenance Billing:
We understand the importance of timely and accurate maintenance billing for societies. Our team offers maintenance bill generation services on a monthly or quarterly basis, providing clear and detailed breakdowns of charges and expenses. We streamline the billing process to help residents and shop owners understand the components of their maintenance bills.
3. Accounting Kit:
Our accounting kit covers various essential components of society accounting and financial management. It includes the following:

  • Ledger of Each Flats/Shops: Individual ledgers for each unit to record maintenance payments, dues, and expenses.
  • Outstanding Summary of Each Flats/Shops: Accounting summaries of outstanding unit maintenance to streamline payment processes.
  • Cash Book Statement: Accurate recording of cash transactions related to maintenance activities.
  • General Ledgers: Consolidation of all financial transactions for a holistic view of the maintenance accounts.
  • Bank Entries/Reconciliation: Recording and reconciliation of bank entries related to maintenance payments and expenses.
  • Payable Statement: Detailed statements outlining outstanding dues and payments.
  • Income & Expenditure Statement: Comprehensive overview of the financial status of the maintenance accounts (provided quarterly).
Additional Services (Extra Charges):
In addition to our core accounting and maintenance billing services, we also offer the following services at additional charges:

  • GST/TDS Return Filing: Assistance in filing GST (Goods and Services Tax) and TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) returns to ensure compliance with tax regulations.
  • Income Tax Return Filing & Audit: Services for filing income tax returns and conducting audits for maintenance accounts, ensuring accurate reporting and compliance with income tax regulations.

At Clear-Line Society Accounting Services, we are committed to delivering accurate, timely, and customized solutions that meet the unique needs of your society. Contact us today to discuss your accounting requirements and let our expert team handle your society’s financial matters.
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